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" I am interested in the current phenomena in our society. Phenomena that touches practically everyone. I observe them, explore their limits, go into the deep. Then I will, with a certain amount of irony, expose them on stage."


M. Hirvonen

Curriculum Vitae

2006 - 2007 Västra Nylands folkhögskola, an independent, Finland-Swedish folk high school:      Dance-program 


2008 - 2012 University for Musik and Dance Cologne,

Germany: BA Dance


2019 - 2020 Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch:

Ma Choreografie


2021 - University of London, Goldsmiths: MA Performance Making 


Projects with the following choreographers: 

‘‘Runway’’, Cocoon Dance  

‘’Moving out from Zero’’, Ted Stoffer  

‘’Green Old Man’’, Club Guy and Roni  

‘‘Sonne Kochen’’ , Stephanie Thiersch (Viviana Escalé) 

‘‘Talk Plastic Girl’’, ‘‘Wildwood Flowers’’ Reut Shemesh  

‘‘Bolero’’, Didier Théron  

‘‘Pineapple’’, Ivan Perez  

CITYLEAKS -Festival in Köln with Brandy Leary (Kanada)  

‘‘Silent Disco’’ , Tanzhaus NRW, Anna-Luella Zahner  

'’Het leven een gebruiksaanwijzing'’, Jakop Ahlbom, Amsterdam  

“Inventer l'amour’’ Veronika Nadler, Cologne 

 Performance by Michael Portnoy, Volkstheater, Cologne, Akademie der Künste der  Welt 


“Wild Flowers” Reut Shemesh Research project “FEAR” with Japanese choreographers Yuki Goda and Kyoto  Nomura, (ZAIK, Cologne, Germany/ Kyoto Art Center Japan)


Own works: 

2013 ‘’Zweinsamkeit” (15 Minuten Festival, Köln, with Markus Tomczyk) 2014 ‘’origin / sin / body’’ (Werkstück, Vienna, Austria) 

2015 ‘’Trinity’’ (NRW Kunststiftung, Stadt Köln, Sparkasse Stiftung) 2016 ‘’RAVE’’ (new talents - cologne biennale) 

2016 ‘’#followgynt’’ (15 Minuten Festival, Köln,

with Markus Tomczyk)

2017 “fame - when I still thought I would become famous”

(WEST OFF 2017, Freies  Forum Theater, Düsseldorf) 

2017 ‘’Fest’’ (tanz.tausch.2017) 

2017 “DEMOS” (Goethe Institut/Attakkalari Center for Movement Art, Bengaluru, India) 2017 Choreography for the music video “No” of a band from Cologne Bukahara 2018 “die Masse” (University for Music and Dance Cologne) 

2018 “Particles” : ZAIK-Residency 

2018 SISKO (ongoing project, performance duo)  

2019 “HANGXIETY” (Tanzfaktur) 

2019 “ACID SHAKES” (Gallery Bunker, Cologne, funded by Kunststiftung NRW/ Stadt  Köln / Land) 

2019 “RAUSCH” (as a Choreographer/Performer for a theatre ensemble  “Analogtheater”, Studiobühne Köln) 

2019 “Against the current, Guest-Choreographer for CITYLEAKS FESTIVAL 2019 

2019 Choreography and performance for the music video of MILKY CHANCE 


2020 Catalogue of Disguise, Traumabar/Theater, Berlin: performance dance

2020 Commercial-Spot for Opel, Social Media: acting 

2020 An image film for City Krefeld, Leib&Seele Production: acting

2020 Short film “Vor der Sturm”, Berlin, Rollenfang and Leib&Seele Production: acting 

2020 Guest-Artist for DELIVERY DANCE, Düsseldorf (Concept: Akiko Okamoto)

2020 Berlin is not Bregenz, Festival in Berlin, Performance with a collective “Tripletrips" 

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