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Against the current

Guest-Choreographer for CITYLEAKS FESTIVAL 2019

The concept was created one year ago in the summer of 2019 for the CITYLEAKS-Festival and aims to question the balance between man and machine in urban space. The focus is on the human being in his fragility against the everyday tanks on Cologne's streets. Now, due to the pandemic, the work has taken on a completely different, contemporary meaning: the masks, the separation of bodies and the desire to connect. The work is a mobile installation and can last up to 2 hours.  The length and location can vary depending on the available possibilities: It can be performed in one piece, or in parts, in urban space.

Produced by Cityleaks: Cityleaks Festival 2019

Concept, Choreography: Marje Hirvonen

Performance: Marje Hirvonen,

                        Mohamed Ben Salah

Video: Walid Falleh

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