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Current projects

"I am a living protest. There is no category for me; I offend simply with my bare presence."
Bona Dea is a performance project of mine, a One-WoMan-Show that started with a character from my solo "fame - when I still thought I would become famous".  The name comes from a Roman goddess whose identity was mysterious.  Bona Dea ("The Good Goddess") is both an honorific title and a respectful pseudonym. The true cult name of the goddess is also unknown. The guiding idea of my research is that of a utopian, resisting body that transcends its (conventional) boundaries in terms of biology, social codes, sexuality, behavior, ethnicity, culture, and so on. A body that is queer in the broadest sense: peculiar, unconventional. A body that is free from the structures of power.
My goal is to further develop my idea of the body in the context of performance by challenging the idea of a "docile body" and exploring the idea of the body and its performance as a resisting, political force.

With this project I am a #TakecareResident at Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf. I will also spend six weeks in New York (or Paris) learning voguing with the generous support of the Dance Research NRW #39 scholarship.

Fotos and Trailer: Alessandro De Matteis 


Fotos: Andrej Nomorov

Video: Marje Hirvonen

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