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Acid Shakes

Choreography Preformance

ACID SHAKES is a multi-disciplinary collaboration. Along with another dancer/ choreographer, a musician and a light artist, I explored the phenomenon of a rave,  both in terms of dance, installation and music. The result was an event that took  place in a gallery space, situated in a former bunker, where the audience was guided  through a performance in which the boundaries between dance, performance, music,  light, space and audience itself are blurred. We explored the essential elements of a  rave, such as electronic dance music, light installations, space, masses of bodies,  effect machines and intoxicants and excessive states, working to abstract and  decontextualize them. Our goal was to create a trance- and drug-like journey,  navigated together by both performers and spectators. The journey eventually  transforms into an actual party, a rave, which nobody can say when it truly began  and how it may end...  


Choreography,  Performance: Bettina Nampé, Marje Hirvonen

Sound: Martin Widyanata

Light: Guillermo Heinze

Fotos: Alessandro De Matteis

Video: Walid Fellah

Funded by: Kunststiftung NRW, Landesbüro freie darstellende Künste, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln


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