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origin / sin / body
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"Für eine Überraschung sorgt Hirvonen im Solo Origin/Sin/Body, da sie verblüffend distanzlos zeigt, dass die dem Christentum geschuldete Last des "sündigen" Körpers auch in der jungen Generation noch Thema ist.

Als schuldbeladen inszeniert sich Hirvonen über die Figur einer mit Schmutz beschmierten Frau: Aus dem Fluch der Erbsünde ward sie geboren, und sie hofft auf eine - in dem Stück nicht stattfindende -Erlösung. 

Das ist so pathetisch, wie es klingt. Gerade deswegen vermittelt die Arbeit einen unverstellten Einblick in die Verunsicherung, die gerade in der westlichen Kultur diagnostiziert wird." (Der Standard) 

Choreography Preformance

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

( Matthew Ch.26:41) 

My body is sinful. Or so I am taught by the Christian religion. In this piece, I struggle  with the discrepancy of the mind and the body: I am a god and an animal at the  same time. Only a child, a godlike animal, is still innocent. It is original sin that  weighs me down. I must suffer for that which I cannot compensate for. My flesh is  the bearer of sin and I must learn to discipline, correct and control it. I will humble  myself. How physical is the guilt? How physical is the shame of desire? This work  tells of the fall of my body. My body is my history. It is not only mine but assigned to  me by many actors society and its values, norms and power. From the religious point  of view, the body presents us with the evil within. The flesh has to apologise for its  existence and gets punished through social discipline and control. The concept of  original sin is Christian and it claims that we are depraved through the fall of man,  Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden. A guilt (crime, sin, fault, fine, debt)  is an emotional and cognitive state, it is a feeling that arises when we violate the  absolute standards of morality within us, i.e., the morality we believe in. In  Christianity, however, it is a state of deserving a punishment. Guilt requires morality,  and is, as such, a method of a social control. 

Could to sin actually mean to liberate?

Funded by: Junge Akademie der Künste der Welt, Tanzquartier
Vienna, City of Kitee, Finland

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